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  • If in monopolistic competition in the short run, firms make ______________ profits, then in the long run, new firms will enter the market. The _________ each individual firm's product will __________. In the new long-run equilibrium firms will make _______ profit.

    economic; demand for; decrease; zero economic
    normal; demand for; increase; normal
    economic; supply of; increase; zero economic
    economic; supply of; decrease; positive economic

  • 2
  • At a firm's current level of product development, marginal revenue is greater than the marginal cost. The firm will ________________.

    decrease product development
    sell only new products
    increase product development only if the consumer benefits
    increase product development

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  • Average total cost ____________________.

    can be lowered if advertising increases the quantity sold by a large enough amount
    can be lowered if advertising decreases the quantity sold by a large enough amount
    is a variable cost and is not affected by advertising which is a fixed cost
    is not lower when a firm advertises because advertising increases costs

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  • In the kinked demand curve model, firms will not change their price when marginal cost changes as long as the ________________________.

    marginal cost curve continues to pass through the break in the marginal revenue curve
    marginal cost curve always has the same slope
    marginal cost and marginal revenue curves intersect
    demand curve does not shift

  • 5
  • Kevin and Pat have been arrested by the police during a robbery at a computer store. If convicted, each will receive a sentence of 5 years for the robbery. During questioning, the police suspect that Kevin and Pat are responsible for an arson attack on the local bingo hall. If both confess to the arson, each will receive 10 years in jail. If only one confesses, he will receive 4 years and the one who does not confess will receive 18 years. What is the equilibrium for this game?

    both confess
    Pat confesses and Kevin does not confess
    neither confess
    Kevin confesses and Pat does not confess

  • 6
  • In the Prisoners' Dilemma game, the equilibrium is always a _______ equilibrium.

    dominant strategy
    prisoners' dilemma

  • 7
  • The maximum economic profit that can be made by a duopoly that colludes is equal to the _____________________.

    economic profit made by a monopoly
    economic profit made by duopolists who cheat
    normal profit made by firms in perfect competition
    normal profit made by an oligopoly

  • 8
  • In a duopoly with a collusive agreement, a firm's best strategy is to_______ if the other firm_______ and to_______ if the other firm _______.

    comply; complies; cheat; cheats
    comply; complies; comply; cheats
    cheat; complies; cheat; cheats
    comply; cheats; cheat; complies

  • 9
  • A cartel will make the same economic profit that a monopoly would make if the ______________________.

    game is repeated and a tit-for-tat strategy is in place
    cartel plays the game once and a tit-for-tat strategy is in place
    game is played once
    cartel spends money on research and development

  • 10
  • Firms in monopolistic competition and oligopoly _____________________.

    charge a price equal to marginal cost
    charge a price that equals marginal revenue
    produce the revenue-maximizing output
    produce the profit-maximizing output

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