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Chapter  1 What Is Economics
Chapter  2 The Economic Problem
Chapter  3 Demand and Supply
Chapter  4 Elasticity
Chapter  5 Efficiency and Equity
Chapter  6 Markets in Action
Chapter  7 Utility and Demand
Chapter  8 Possibilities, Preferences, and Choices
Chapter  9 Organizing Production
Chapter 10 Output and Costs
Chapter 11 Perfect Competition
Chapter 12 Monopoly
Chapter 13 Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly
Chapter 14 Demand and Supply in Factor Markets
Chapter 15 Inequality and Redistribution
Chapter 16 Market Failure and Public Choice
Chapter 17 Regulation and Privatization
Chapter 18 Externalities, the Environment, and Knowledge
Chapter 19 A First Look at Macroeconomics
Chapter 20 Measuring GDP, Inflation, and Economic Growth
Chapter 21 Employment and Unemployment
Chapter 22 Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand
Chapter 23 Expenditure Multipliers
Chapter 24 Fiscal Policy
Chapter 25 Money
Chapter 26 The Central Bank and Monetary Policy
Chapter 27 Fiscal and Monetary Interactions
Chapter 28 Inflation
Chapter 29 Capital, Investment and Saving
Chapter 30 Long-term Economic Growth
Chapter 31 The Business Cycle
Chapter 32 Macroeconomic Policy Challenges
Chapter 33 Trading with the World
Chapter 34 The Balance of Payments, the Pound and the Euro