Oct 21, 2005

The Fed continues to weigh inflation risk.

Some people want to shift control of the Internet to the United Nations.

Sites to Visit for More Information: The Fed

  • BLS PPI Reports
  • Federal Reserve
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Resources for Economists on the Internet
  • Sites to Visit for More Information: Internet

  • Debate over Internet governance
  • Working Group on Internet Governance
  • The Register
  • Resources for Economists on the Internet
  • Questions: The Fed

    1. What are the signs that inflation might return?
    2. How does the Fed seek to keep inflation in check?
    3. What are the risks in the Fedís monetary policy actions?
    4. What related problems in the U.S. economy make the Fedís job harder?

    Questions: Internet

    1. Who governs the Internet?
    2. What are the goals of Internet governance?
    3. Why do some people want to change the way the Internet is managed?
    4. Why do U.S. lawmakers resist a change in Internet governance?
    5. Where do you stand on this issue? Summarize the pros and cons of the existing arrangements and any alternatives that appeal to you and explain why you think is the best arrangement for Internet governance

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